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We manufacture and install all types of interior and exterior covers, stainless steel equipment and awnings for all types of vessels.


Our team of designers and highly specialized craftsmen is able to meet a wide range of needs of our customers.

We have over 25 years of experience in the nautical industry and for your vessels we make:


To guarantee a long-term quality, we use only materials from nautical programs made by reputable manufacturers. In the production of every type of awning, we take precise measures with a specialized 3D scanner. The processed draft is then stored in the archive so that the awning can be easily reproduced when you need it.


Your comfort is guaranteed by the use of quality foams and the choice from our wide range of quality materials in a rich palette of colors.


The realization of your ideas is our goal. We completely equip the interior of your vessel, including the manufacturing of furniture, mattresses, curtains, dividing and flooring panels.

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